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03 9723 8880

75 Main St, Croydon Vic 3136


Psychic Development

Advanced Certificate Course


Scared Mist, Malvern

Join Joyce-Kay & Maureen Barrass to enhance & build on your own psychic abilities. Workshop involves practical tools & techniques that will assist you both in a personal or professional capacity. Please note this is not a beginners workshop.

For further information contact us on 03 9723 8880 

An Evening Connecting to

"The Other Realms"


Sacred Mist, Malvern

An Evening of Mediumship with Clairvoyant/Mediums Joyce-Kay & Maureen Barrass. Come & join Maureen & Joyce in an evening for connecting with Spirit.

For further information contact us on 03 9723 8880

The Tarot Walk

"Come and experience the Journey through

the 22 Major Arcana Cards"

'The Tarot Walk' is a unique journey of the self. Walk the journey of the Fool through the 22 Major Arcana cards to show we can grow and evolve. Discover your unique strengths and your limitations and grow with the guidance of your sub conscious (your truth), you will be able to identify your blocks and discover ways to overcome them.

Presented by Joyce-Kay & Maureen Barrass

For further information contact us on 03 9723 8880

Sacred Contracts


Sacred Mist, Malvern

Awaken your full divine potential by learning

the Archetypes and the role they play in our lives.

In this workshop you will learn how to do an Archetype reading by creating a chart with the set of Archetype cards. The chart shows what archetypes we are working with at any point in our lives.

See how we can work though the patterns that we all have and how we can change them to change the patterns in our lives so you can heal yourself and others.

You will learn how to build a chart, how to read the cards & interpret the Archetypes at the same level they are working in your life and that of others.

This work is based on the work of Dr. Caroline Myss.

Presented by Joyce-Kay and Mauree​n Barrass

For further information contact us on 03 9723 8880